Profile of Marugame City(丸亀市概要)

Location and Topography(位置と地勢)

Marugame City is situated in the central part of Kagawa Prefecture along the Setonaikai Sea (the Inland Sea) coast line. You can enjoy the scenic beauties of Setonaikai National Park in the north and the Sanuki Mountains ranging in the south. The Sanuki Plain which has the flat rural region lies down in the land area. Mt. Iinoyama (Sauki Fuji) ;which is 422 meters above sea level, lifts its head into the sky there. Also, Mt. Aonoyama rises in the north of Mt. Iinoyama. Dokigawa River flowing through the city and many irrigation ponds give us beautiful environment at the water's edge. In the Setonaikai Sea there are some islands such as Honjima, Hiroshima, Teshima, Oteshima, Ushijima and so on.


Marugame City has a mild climate peculiar to the Setonaikai Sea area. The average of annual temperature is 16°C and even the winters the average temperature is above 5°C. Annual precipitation is approximately 1000mm and it rains about 100 days in a year but sometimes we have a water shortage. Hours of sunlight is longer than the national average.


The total area of Marugame City is 111.77 square kilometers including 23.57 square kilometers as the area of islands. 20% of the land is rice field, mountains and forests. The percentage of livable land is 73% and this surpasses the average of Kagawa Prefecture (52%).

Brief History of Marugame(歴史)

Our city has been flourished as an important point of marine transportation and a distribution center of commodities since the early times. Especially Marugame as the approach to Kompira Shrine was frequented by pilgrims all year round.

The name "Marugame" was named after the castle on Mt. Kameyama which was built by the feudal lord Ikoma. The inclination of Marugame Castle's stone wall is called "Ougi no Kobai (shape of a folding fan)" and it is the highest stone wall in Japan. This beautiful stone wall is loved by everyone as the symbol of Marugame.

New "Marugame City" has been born on March 22nd, 2005 by large-scale amalgamation of Heisei Era being united with Marugame City, Ayauta Town and Hanzan Town. New born Marugame has an area of 111.77 square kilometers and its current population is about 110,000. As a result, our city has become the largest city in central Kagawa. Also Marugame plays an important role as the core city of central Kagawa area.

The old Marugame City was born in April, 1899 during Meiji Era. Marugame was the 53rd city which set up its city code in Japan. From the 1940's to 1950's (during Showa Era) the southeast area of the city and some islands were amalgamated into new parts of Marugame City. In 1999 (the year 11 of Heisei) Marugame City celebrated the 100th anniversary of city code.

The old Ayauta Town was born in 1959 (the year 34 of Showa) by the amalgamation of Kumatama Village and Okada Village. (Kumatama Village was born by the amalgation of Kurikuma Village and Tomikuma Village in 1951)

The old Hanzan Town was born in 1956 (the year 31 of Showa) by the amalgation of Sakamoto Village and Hokunji Village.

City Crest (established in 2004)(市章)

The shape of our city crest symbolizes new born Marugame City by the amalgamation on March 22nd, 2005. This design was chosen from 2,464 works entered by 1,329 contestants. According to Mr. Jyunichiro Dohi who designed this symbol mark, three parts of the crest shows strong cooperative spirit of Marugame, Hanzan and Ayauta, and also shows growth of our new city. The symbol color blue is the color of a refreshing breeze blowing along the city which has a rich natural environment.

City Flower and City Tree(市の花と木)

Flower:azalea(サツキ) Tree:bay berry(ヤマモモ)

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