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Marugame Castle(丸亀城)

Image:Marugame CastleMarugame Castle is the city's most famous landmark which has beautiful stone wall called "Ougi no Kobai (shape of a folding fan)". Marugame Castle still remains its appearance of the early times such as a wooden dungeon (There are only 12 wooden dungeons remain in Japan) and magnificent castle gates "Ote Ichi no Mon, Ni no Mon" etc. From the dungeon, you can enjoy beautiful view of Shiwaku Islands, Seto Ohashi Bridge and Sanuki Plain.


Image:Nakazu-Bansho-EnNakazu-Bansho-En is a feudal lord's garden constructed along the ponds and springs. The 2nd feudal load of the Kyogoku family "Takatoyo" built this park of 49.6 kilometers square. This park has museums for paintings, potteries and dolls. This Japanese garden as beautiful as Ritsurin Koen Park in Takamatsu is one of notable highlights of trip.

Shiwaku Islands (Honjima, Ushijima, Hiroshima, Teshima, Oteshima)(塩飽諸島)

Image:Shiwaku Islands (Honjima, Ushijima, Hiroshima, Teshima, Oteshima)Honjima, main island of Shiwaku Islands has beautiful scenery in Setonaikai Sea and many cultural properties. Visitors to Honjima Island can enjoy swimming, hiking and so on. You can also visit restored Mizumiiro Elementary School (now this school is closed) near the beach of Shirijima that was the location of Japanese movie "Kikansha Sensei".
There are other islands such as Hiroshima, Ushijima, Teshima and Oteshima have rich natural environments.

Mt. Iinoyama(飯野山)

Image:Mt. IinoyamaMt. Iinoyama, 422 meters above sea level, is a part of Setonaikai National Park and also it is a treasure-house of wild birds. Yakushi-Do (house of healing Buddha), teahouse and stone images of Buddha are dotted in the mountain. A gigantic stone "Ojyomo no Ashiato" (footprint of a legendary giant) is what to see. Mt. Iinoyama is familiar to people's daily life and hiking is very popular there.

New Reoma World(ニューレオマワールド)

Image:New Reoma WorldNew Reoma World is one of the biggest amusement grounds in Shikoku.
It is divided into four zones of: special products of Shikoku, toy pavilion, hotel with hot spring, Asian restaurants and zoo.


Marugame Castle Festival(丸亀お城まつり)

Image:Marugame Castle FestivalMarugame Castle Festival, the biggest festival in Marugame is held on the 3rd and 4th of May every year. You can enjoy many events such as concert of Japanese drums, big parade of marching bands and people in kimono costume and dancing parade etc.

Season's Festivals(四季のまつり)


Festival of Peach Blossom: held in the beginning of April
This festival is held to enjoy peach blossom in Hanzan Area. Flea market and bazaar are open at that time. You can try "Dojyo-Jiru" (loach soup) at the festival. You can also join an event of "walking" in Hanzan Sogo Undo Koen (Hanzan General Athletic Park).


Marugame Basara Festival: held in the end of August
In this lively festival you can enjoy watching Basara dance in the daytime and fireworks at night.


Chrysanthemum Festival: held in the beginning of November
This fall festival is held at Ayauta Sogo Bunka Kaikan (Ayauta General Culture Hall). The centerpiece of this festival is barbecue party which has more than 120 booths. There are other events such as bazaar.


Marugame Winter Festival
You can enjoy this festival with your family. There are various events such like flying kites competition, market of special products, flea market etc. In this festival a cooking competition of "Tsukinajiru Soup" (tsukinajiru soup is an imaginary dish in the song for Marugame Castle) and you may have a chance to taste it. This lively festival warms both your heart and body.

Other Events(その他の主な行事)

Marugame Castle Cherry Blosson Festival

At Kameyama Koen Park of Marugame Castle
Held in the end of March through the beginning of April

Marugame Castle Chrysanthemum Show

At Plaza of Ote-Mon Castle Gate
Held in the middle of October through the middle of November

Kagawa Marugame Half Marathon

Marathon course of Marugame Kyogijyo (Marugame Athletic Studium of Kagawa Prefecture)
Held in the beginning of February

Shiwaku Honjima My Pace Marathon (my pace = at one's own pace)

Honjima Island
Held in the end of March

Honjima Ho-Ho-Ho (taking a walk)

Honjima Island
Held on the 4th of March of the lunar calendar

Shokakuin Natsumatsuri Summer Festival

The third Sunday of July
Shokakuin Temple, Honjima Island

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